Friday, 10 April 2015

Early April

The raised bed is blooming wonderfully and the primroses, primula and daisies in the containers look fabulous by the door.
Its really cheery to see these colours everyday as there’s not much more going on in the garden just now. 

Apart from me weeding the borders….. three days its taken and two wheelie bins full.
I’m aching all over after the inertia of the winter! 

1 Daisies in bed

1 DSC 0579

1 ring of primula

1 primula



1 Salix catkin

Salix catkins.  
I’d never really looked at them before.
I mean, really looked. 

1 tulips

The long tulip bed side the path is growing nicely.  

1 red shrub

The Flowering Redcurrant is doing its thing.

Sweetpeas arrived from Sarah Raven.
 I’m growing some plants from seed though this year I’m also buying lots of seedlings too.
Sometimes life is just too short and last year I spent WEEKS in the greenhouse potting on. 

3 Openig sweetpeas

2 Sweetpeas in pot

1 sweetpeas planted

Hoping some of the seeds I collected last year will grow. 


  1. Love the pots by your door. I t is the helleborus that are brightening up my garden just now. Perhaps you would like to have a look on my blog to see them . Salix Catkin is a wonderful structure. It pays to take time to look closely doesnt it.

  2. Hi Helen we have a flowering red currant growing under a Golden Ash. I suspect it was planted by the birds. Did not know what it was till the currants developed! Will think of you when I go past it.

  3. Beautiful! We still have cold weather here in Canada! Tulips have peaked out thru the snow last week.

  4. It's all looking really great Helen. You have done lots of hard work. Well done you.

  5. It's all looking very good Helen. Well done you. :-)